Saul Cruz 2 e copyIMG_0286 The mural above is found in the Jalalpa Transformation Center of Armonia Ministries in Mexico City. The harmonious colors of the buildings in the city represent the concept of harmony, the meaning of the word “Armonia” in Spanish. The footsteps represent the feet of Jesus walking through the city. He walks slowly, deliberately, step by step, paso a paso alongside the poor in the city. The picture on the left shows Saul and Pilar Cruz working together at the student residence in Oaxaca, Mexico this year. The picture on the right is that of Saul Cruz, director of Armonia Ministries taken this spring on Palm Sunday at the Orangewood Presbyterian Church, Orlando, Florida, where he just gave a sermon.

Armonia Ministries in Mexico City and in the City of Oaxaca has been in existence for 20 years. This non-denominational Christian Ministry has worked with the poorest of the poor among Mexico’s citizens. Armonia has been intensely involved in Christian Transformation, in education, in the bringing of a sense of purpose and accomplishment in this helpless population. Transformation centers exist in Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world, and in Oaxaca City in the south of Mexico. Here a student residence for poor indigenous Indian teenagers was founded by Saul Cruz, the Director of Armonia. Dr. Cruz’s insights into the problems of the poor are now known internationally, and his expertise guides this unique effort to educate indigenous Indians from the Sierra Madre Mountains. Each community center was started by Saul Cruz and each functions more or less independently after the initial startup. One of the keys to success is participation by those being helped. In whatever project Armonia undertakes, it underwrites one third of the cost, loans one third, and the recipient must earn the remaining third. There is no free lunch. Saul’s partner in this endeavor is his dedicated wife, Pilar, who has worked alongside him all the way. Without Pilar none of this would have been possible. Countless volunteers from the U.S., the U.K., Germany and other countries have labored over these years to build the buildings, and staff the various ongoing projects.



  1. Angel Gabriel Barranco Venegas Says:

    Ssaludos y Bendiciones hno Saul,Soy Angel de Fundacion Incremento a Misiones de Oaxaca, Solo para ver si podemos tener un contacto mas directo ya que necesitamos, de su apoyo en algunas posibilidades que se han abierto y para poder enviar el cronograma de los dias del congreso, esperando no abusar de su amabilidad y reconociendo que nuestro Padre nos Bendice con su apoyo le damos las gracias y esperamos estar en contacto. Dios le Guarde y Bendiga.


  3. We believe when the church cares for the poor the differences will be seen. And the kingdom will be extended.

    1. Doctor Lee Says:

      Thank you for your comment We agree that one of the churches greatest avenues will be in caring for and empowering the poor.

      Lee Hawkins

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