Armonia’s newest program, AIMS or Armonia Indigenous Mexican Scholars was formed three years ago to provide a high school education and residence for poor indigenous Indians in the mountains surrounding Oaxaca. Due to volunteers like you the first student residence in Oaxaca is now complete and young Mexicans are completing High School and preparing for the University.

How exciting and profound this Mission is! These boys and girls would have no choice but to remain peasants in their remote Indian villages or illegal  migrants to the U.S. without an opportunity to complete their education.

When Joaquin came from his mountain village he spoke only his Chinanteca dialect  and rudimentary Spanish. Joaquin is the first graduate of the AIMS program and is working on his second University degree in engineering while leading the high school students in their residence in Oaxaca. Other students follow his lead. He gives back a year of his time to Armonia to repay for all he has received.  You can help educate  other indigenous students like Joaquin by supporting AIMS through Armonia U.S. Inc.


$500 is the start up cost for 1 student (clothing, medical, computer, school supplies etc.)

$100 each month will provide  full support for 1 student for one month, $1700 for one year, $4100 for three years.$12,300 provides full support for 3 students for 3 years

You can give any amount to help the AIMS program or other

Armonia program by pushing the DONATE NOW button in the right

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This is Joaquin