November 17, 2010

Dear friends and supporters of Armonia,

As we pause at this time of year to reflect on God’s many blessings, our thoughts will
naturally turn to those less fortunate. Perhaps you are a college student who has heard Saul Cruz speak about ministering to the poor. Perhaps Saul and Pilar visited your church and shared with you their lifelong commitment to the needy and forgotten of Mexico. Perhaps you have traveled to Mexico City or Oaxaca to see for yourself what life transforming and world transforming work is being done at Armonia. You may have helped on a construction site, made furniture for a student residence, or worked in the medical clinic. Whatever your involvement, chances are your life has somehow been touched by Armonia. God has used your support to effect wonderful things at Armonia.

Please visit Armonia U.S.’s website at http://www.armoniaus.org for an update on activities.
In the midst of this holiday season, we are requesting your prayerful consideration
of a one time or recurring gift to assist in these wonderful ministries. Please
consider what can be accomplished with monthly giving and gifts for capital

$5, $10, $25, $50, or $75 – Can provide critically needed general operating support for the various ministries of Armonia, including support of the Santa Cruz, Presidentes and Jalalpa community centers, expenses of the Oaxaca student residences for participants in the AIMS (Armonia Indigenous Mexican Scholars) Program; support of the Mexico City expenses of the AIMS Program;outreach ministries to the Hornos community of displaced families, and the general administrative expenses of Armonia.

The levels of support below are illustrative of what can be accomplished with your gifts:

$100 per month – can support one of the AIMS students in Oaxaca
$150 per month – can support one of the AIMS students in Mexico City
$250 per month – can support an Armonia staff member
$320 per month – can support a participant in the Transformation Program
$500 – can support the initial expenses of a new AIMS participant in Oaxaca
$1000 – can support the initial expenses for a new AIMS student in Mexico City
$3000 per month – Can support one of the three community centers.

Capital needs include the following:
$500 – Obtaining of computer and software for three students or community center
$10,000 – Furnishing of a student residence at Oaxaca
$80,000 – Construction cost for a new student residence at Oaxaca

If you are able to help contributions can be made payable to
Armonia U.S., Inc. and addressed to Dr. Karen Ziegler, M.D.,
Armonia U.S., Inc., 114 Satsuma Drive, Altamonte Springs, Florida
32714. Contributions can also be made directly from the Armonia
U.S. website, either on a one time or recurring basis, or just click
here: http://www.armoniaus.org/contact.html. On the armoniaus.org
website just click the “Donate Now” button.

Please accept the gratitude of The Cruz family and the many
benefactors of your love and generosity toward your brothers and
sisters in Mexico.

With every wish for God’s continued blessings on you and your family during this holiday season and
throughout the coming year,

Jim Seay
Armonia US

Armonia U.S., Inc. is a 501.c.(3) organization which provides support for overseas missions, primarily to Armonia A.C. Donors should be aware that, due to fiscal and personnel constraints, donations are not generally tracked by specific category, but rather are utilized for the most pressing needs of the Armonia ministries. The Boards of Directors of both Armonia A.C. and Armonia U.S. Inc. strive to ensure that donor intentions in support of Armonia’s various programs are carried out.

We will gratefully acknowledge your contribution to Armonia U.S., Inc., a not-for-profit
corporation, contributions to which are tax-deductible unless otherwise stated. Your contribution will be used for the work of Armonia U.S., Inc. and is made with the understanding that Armonia U.S., Inc. has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds. *No goods or services have been provided or exchanged for your tax-deductible contribution.