My name is Lee Hawkins.   I am a retired doctor who has spent the last eleven years working with the poor in Mexico.  I’ve learned a lot about helping the poor to help themselves, from Saul Cruz, director of Armonia Ministries in Mexico City and Oaxaca.  I’ve come to know a lot of dedicated people, and seen and heard some amazing stories of triumph and tragedy. I’ve been impressed with the step by step (paso a paso) progress that can be made in working with the poor. This is often slow, but change must occur at its own pace.. My postings will tell many stories and give a deeper insight into the wonderful Armonia Christian Transformation Center in Mexico.  I work as a volunteer in Mexico but also as a Director of Armonia U.S. Inc., a 501 © (3) non profit corporation in the U.S. charged with raising funds for Armonia in Mexico. I have no personal financial interest in Armonia whatsoever.


4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. unpaidfilmcritic Says:

    Hi Lee,

    Very impressive blog with interesting stories. My only criticism is that I want to know more! In fact each one of the stories left me wanting to know further details about its subject.

    I think a statement upfront, similar to what you have in the “about” section, would provide a unifying theme for all of the posts that follow below. When I first got to the blog I did not know what it was about. It didn’t take long for everything to become clear, but something for readers to see up front may be helpful. Maybe explain more about Armonia and your work.

    All the best,
    Seth Shire (from the blogging class)

  2. Julian and Valda Says:

    Hello Lee,

    We are going to Mexico with Orangewood on 2nd September until 11th September. Can you make it??!!
    With much love to you and Jane.
    Julian and Valda

    1. Doctor Lee Says:

      Great to hear from you Julian and Valda! All is O.K. here. We are not able to go to Mexico in September but we will miss you….. Love Lee and Jane

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