Armonia has been mercifully spared from the severe earthquake in Mexico yesterday. The epicenter was in southern Mexico not far from Oaxaca. This morning we received the news about Armonia from the director, Saul Cruz.


Re: oaxaca earthquake

Dearest Jim and friends, 
Thank you for your concern and prayers. We all are fine. It took us a few hours to receive news from every place where Armonía works to be sure that everybody was safe as we had to wait for the cell and land telephone lines to be re-established. Internet communication was not easy and even TV signal was blurry sometimes.
Since Oaxaca was nearest to the epicenter of the earthquake we had a strong concern for the Aims kids and our relatives who live there. After 20 minutes of calling everybody without any success we got in touch with a stone mason who is working at the new residence foundation in Casa Margarita. He informed us that everything was well at the house and that there had not been structural damages in the house, but our students were at school and he didn’t know about them. Half an hour later, Leo called us saying that schools had closed and had sent all students back home. They were all together, well and concerned for our safety. They were praying for us. Justin, our US volunteer at Aims Oaxaca, was fine as well. Texts and phone calls helped us to find out about the rest. Tirelessly Pilar kept calling everybody, Presidentes, Hornos, Santa Cruz, and many homes were fine. It was nearly 11 at night when a missing mother from Huicholes (Olympia) called my wife. She explained that she had been out of the city and that she was fine.
When the earthquake happened we were all together working with Anna Bishop in my office at our home. She is visiting us from All Souls in London and this was her first experience with an earthquake. She was fine and took it very well. 
Please let everyone that we are fine. 
With love and gratitude, 
Saul, Pilar, Eidi & Saul Jr