“A longer weekend to see, to feel
compassion, and to use your hands
to further build the kingdom of God”

Saul is organizing short “Vision Trips” for those who have an interest in helping Armonia but have never been to Mexico to visit the centers. These trips are very intense, short trips which enable visitors to see first hand the work that Armonia does with the poor. An individual who wishes to donate financially to Armonia but does not have the time or desire to participate in person in Mexico may understand in a deep way what the needs and goals of Armonia are. And potential volunteers who wish to work at Armonia may gain a more thorough understanding of the opportunities and how their skills and interests may be put to best use. On many occasions persons ask “What can I do?” and have reluctance to volunteer until this question is answered. A Vision Trip is designed to provide that answer.

If you have an interest in taking a vision trip in the future please contact me at janelee1@mac.com. A typical trip schedule follows:
Arrive in Mexico City
Reception with light food at
Casablanca residence
Bible Study
Breakfast with AIMS (Armonia Indigenous Mexican Students
Visit Violetas
Visit Hornos
Visit Presidentes CUTC
Visit Jalalpa CUTC
Visit with family
Dinner at Café Tacuba
Return to Casablanca
Bible Study
Visit with family
Christian gathering at Santa
Travel to Oaxaca
Visit Tule and Oaxaca City
Dinner at Casa Naranja
Visit with AIMS students
Breakfast and prayer
Visit the school
Visit Pyramids
Lunch at Santa Marta
Visit students’ residence
Shopping with AIMS students
Closing reflection with Saul and
light dinner
Rise early and depart for airport
*CUTC= Christian Urban Transformation Center