Saul Cruz talks about the meaning of Transformation

“When we speak of the work of Armonia, we need to be sure that we are speaking of transformation. Not relief.  When we start working with a group, or when the group is victim of a tragedy or in the midst of a serious lack, then we come and serve them, give them things to do. That is a relief work. But, as soon as it is possible, we begin teaching people to go from relief to self – reliance; to rehabilitate if necessary, and then show them how to take full responsibility of their own problems. When they learn to organize, to create their own institutions and assume responsibility to serve God and neighbor, we speak of people in transformation.

Transformation takes the form of individuals who are becoming  responsible for their own problems.  They get out of the natural dependence that their relief needs put them in and learn to be responsible, independent and to be participants in their own transformation. Together with Armonia, they will create possibilities to change poverty into independent living. The real success happens when they understand their own value. Then they  can break with their isolation and believe in God’s love. Through the love we at Armonia show them, they are able to take a stand and learn to fight for their own  people and for their own future.

Juan Carlos is an example. He grew up at Jalalpa Community Center and now serves the Hornos community. Hornos is a community of homeless people learning to live together, preparing themselves to be home owners.  Armonia has successfully helped them preserve their social fabric during these years of suffering. When the government wanted to relocate them by sending each of them to different housing programs in the City, Armonia fought beside them so they could remain their community, live in the same neighborhood, and preserve their network of relations with friends, relatives and neighbors.