IMG_0255When the first indigenous Indian students came to Oaxaca seeking a High School Education under the care and direction of Armonia Ministries, it was necessary to find a High School that would accept them. All of the Indian students had low grade point averages (GPA) and many did not speak Spanish very well since they had used their native dialects in their mountain villages, some Chinanteca, some Zapoteca. Also they were relatively darked skinned. All of these served as limitations, and as a result all the High Schools in Oaxaca city refused entrance to them. Saul Cruz and Armonia found this High School several miles outside Oaxaca City and they were enrolled. Now some three years later, High Schools in Oaxaca have opened their doors to these students. And they have refused to change schools! They are happy and accepted where they are. I had the pleasure of meeting the Principal in April as well as several teachers. It is a happy, productive school and I think they made a good decision.