Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Let me tell you a series of personal stories about the people who work at Armonia and are served by Armonia. Many of you will have personal stories to add. Let’s tell of the struggles and successes and incredible adventures of all of us as we work together to empower the poor and disadvantaged in the world!


IMG_0285High in the Sierra Madre mountains of southeastern Mexico little Joaquin, age 13, walks and runs six miles over mountain trails. Wildcats and mountain lions make this terrain their home. He reaches the bus for Yalalag and rides another 8 miles. He has heard there are opportunities for a high school education there. None is provided in his village.

“I left my village to get an education. My father said “you cannot stay here, you must go on. There is nothing for you in the village. You must go on to school. I believed my father and vowed never to return as a peasant to my village.”

Joachin, now 25, is an honor student at the four year University in Oaxaca. When he finishes he will be a professional engineer. He was picked up and nurtured by Armonia, a Christian Transformation organization, who fed him, sheltered him, and supported him through a high school education in Yalalag after he made his way there at age 13 and later in Oaxaca. And they taught him to speak Spanish. Even though a Mexican,he spoke his Indian dialect and broken Spanish, impossible to understand in a Mexican University.