Huicholes Sewer e
We turn from the choked, frenetic highway into the dusty dirt road and leave the incessant traffic of Mexico City. Several cows glance indifferently as we push by. A small short Mexican boy with thin little legs waves shyly as we pass. We pass up a shallow hill with blue-gray distant mountains behind, beyond a few stores, farmacia, taller de mechanico (garage), a sleepy dirty little community, and turn left. We come to a stop. The road ceases to exist and instead we see a long uneven rough cleared area, impossible to drive. Down the middle snakes a wet, winding, smelly trench. Little snakes of water trickle from each cardboard shack lining the narrow creek-trench. Smelly creek. Sewer? Could it be?

Did I say Cardboard? Yes, shacks made of cardboard soaked in Creosote. A little waterproof but not fire repellent. Shortly after Huicholes (that’s the name of the settlement) was settled there was a fire and three people died in one little shack. And during that first winter at Huicholes, every newborn died.

This is the face of poverty in the third world. This is the face of poverty in Mexico. The little town is called Huicholes and it came to be in the night, suddenly and without warning. This is also the place where Armonia Ministries intervened. Let me tell you how Huicholes came to be, and how Armonia Ministries, a Christian Transformation Center in Mexico transformed the lives of those in Huicholes